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CKS Summit Group is most interested in what you want out of life. Asking the right questions enables us to offer retirement income options for you.

Our Philosophy

Retirement is meant to be enjoyed!

We believe professionally managed tactical stock market and non-stock market portfolios can provide healthy, long-term upside growth potential. It can also be very effective at preserving principal while allowing for a high degree of downside risk protection.

We believe the right mixture of carefully chosen non-stock market and managed market accounts can create a blended portfolio which is capable of producing increasing income, stable growth, preservation of principal, safety and flexibility all at the same time.

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CKS designs custom portfolios to 
during uncertainty
during prosperity.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

While our portfolios are highly customizable, can serve a broad range of ages and needs, our services are ideally suited for clients in the 55-75 age range with portfolios of $250,000 or greater. Our SMART Portfolio is ideally suited for clients ages 35 plus. We are also able to serve clients across the U.S.

What We Do

What We Do

We design, build, and manage custom retirement portfolios that are fully capable of simultaneously generating stable growth, increasing income, and preservation of principal throughout a client’s lifetime, with only limited downside market risk.

How We Do It

How We Do It

Because certain financial vehicles are good at some things and poor at others no single product can achieve all of the important objectives that most retirees have. Through the correct blending of vehicles together, multiple objectives can be met at the same time.

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