How Your Demographics Can Affect Your Retirement

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How Your Demographics Can Affect Your Retirement

Every individual is unique. We all possess different traits and personal history that make us who we are. All of these factors have an affect on our lives, but could they be affecting our retirement too?

What Science Suggests

Researchers from the University of Birmingham have recently been looking into a correlation between demographics and retirement. An article from Science Daily details this study and its findings.

These researchers began implementing a study that involved personally interviewing about 50 retirees that came from varied backgrounds. What the researchers found was that the journey toward retirement, as well as retirement itself, differed greatly for retirees according to their profession, education, class, and gender.


The following are details from the study conducted by researchers at the University of Birmingham regarding the relationship between demographics and retirement:

  • Type of employment, and continued employment, has a significant impact on the likelihood and ability to retire.
  • Those with long professional careers are more likely to have an optimistic outlook on retirement.
  • Men are mostly concerned about identity theft and inactivity upon retirement.
  • Women are generally more optimistic about retirement, particularly those working in an administrative career and those that played a key role in their family.
  • Access to financial resources throughout life is incredibly important, as it greatly increases contentment upon retirement.

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