Why Choose CKS Summit Group in 2020?

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Why Choose CKS Summit Group in 2020?

What’s your 2020 vision? At CKS Summit Group, ours is to continue to bring you fresh new ideas for your retirement income while establishing a plan that meets your unique needs; guiding you toward a financially secure retirement.

A good retirement planner will have a skill set that goes beyond basic financial planning or providing investment advice. At CKS, our cutting edge tactical portfolios help our clients achieve safe, healthy growth of their savings and preservation of their principal balance.

Uncertainty in 2020

If you are like most people, you find comfort in a certain level of stability and routine. We understand retirement can be a source of great anxiety and uncertainty for many people. That’s why ensuring that you have a solid and actionable retirement plan in place will help you effectively prepare and navigate your future.

How can you find certainty and financial confidence? By working with us regularly to create a personalized retirement savings plan that makes sense for your unique situation. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan or savings strategy, but CKS Summit Group can help you navigate the many different options available to you.

The CKS Difference

We design plans which are specifically structured to limit downside stock market risk. This allows us to protect our client’s assets while providing them with strategies for achieving effective tax reduction and inflation protection.

While we understand there are many retirement income advisors out there, CKS’s retirement plans can accomplish a variety of objectives, offering advice on:

  • When to take Social Security benefits in a way that is best for you
  • What pension distribution choices are right for you
  • If an annuity is a suitable investment for you
  • Which accounts to take withdrawals from each year, and in what amounts, to minimize the retirement taxes you will pay
  • What amount of retirement income you could reasonably expect to have
  • What withdrawal rate is appropriate when taking money from a traditional portfolio
  • How much of your money should be in guaranteed investments
  • What types of taxable income your investments will generate
  • How you can rearrange investments to reduce taxable income in retirement
  • If you need long-term care insurance
  • Whether you should keep your life insurance policies or not

And much more.

Who We Serve

While our portfolios are highly customizable, we serve a broad range of ages and needs, our services are ideally suited for clients in the 55-75 age range with portfolios of $250,000 or greater.

Our SMART Portfolio is ideally suited for clients ages 35 plus. Based in Clinton Township, MI , we are also able to serve clients across the U.S.

Our Process

CKS Summit Group believe professionally managed tactical stock market and non-stock market portfolios can provide healthy, long-term upside growth potential. It can also be very effective at preserving principal while allowing for a high degree of downside risk protection.

We believe the right mixture of carefully chosen non-stock market and managed market accounts can create a blended portfolio which is capable of producing increasing income, stable growth, preservation of principal, safety and flexibility all at the same time.

Let’s Get You Set Up in 2020!

Like financial planners, retirement planners must understand your financial goals; knowing when you will need to use your money, and what you will be using it for.

With a stable and fiscally responsible retirement plan in place, you will know exactly how much you can afford so you can enjoy that dream retirement you’ve worked your whole life to experience. Let’s start 2020 off right, contact us here today to set up your complimentary strategy session.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.