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  Transitions can be among life’s most stressful and uncertain periods. Evolving from the known to the unknown creates an unsettling sense of insecurity. This scenario is never more evident than during the transition from work life to retirement. CKS Summit Group was founded in 1998 to provide stability in the face of this unknown. Firm co-founder and asset preservation consultant Al Caicedo has focused his practice solely on addressing the distinctive financial needs of those nearing retirement and those who are already retired. CKS Summit Group is one of only a handful of professional firms in the state of Michigan that restrict their practice to transitional planning. With 20 years as a top earning professional in his field, Caicedo focused CKS Summit Group with the mandate to help his clients ensure their lifestyle beyond the workplace. The increasing rate of early retirements coupled with the advancing age of baby boomers makes the demographic served by CKS Summit Group a growing force in the United States. With life expectancy now well into the mid 80s, retirement funding must last far longer than the 5 to 10 years expected from past generations. Workers may spend 30 years amassing their assets, however that wealth now needs to provide a comfortable lifestyle often for 20 years or more. While still working, the continuity of a weekly paycheck may have allowed for a riskier investment approach. Retirement, however, does not afford the time to comfortably recover from the types of stock market and investment losses seen in the past few years. The financial objectives of this ever -growing demographic are more firmly grounded in security: investment risk elimination and protection from market volatility; income options and tax savings strategies; avoiding probate for one’s heirs; and reducing/eliminating the potential for loss to unnecessary taxes or a nursing home. The dichotomy before retirees is clear: assets that must last for decades cannot be invested in conventional high-yield/high risk investments unless the retiree is willing to gamble the need to return to work.  


  CKS Summit Group has carved its niche both through the results it achieves for their clients and in the way it conducts its client relationships. First and foremost, CKS Summit Group helps clients make the transition from chasing potentially high yield/high risk investments to making more secure investments—ones that can give market type returns without the downside risk, investments that do not require years to recover in the event of a downturn. Caicedo attributes much of their success in establishing strong client relationships to the firm’s approach in the initial meeting. Unlike many other financial advisors, CKS Summit Group does not sell a pre-packaged product. Rather, Caicedo meets with his clients, then proceeds to ask probing questions that enable the client to come to understand, by their own answers, the financial path they wish to follow for their retirement. Caicedo also believes workers with modest assets should still have access to a team of professionals. As a result, CKS Summit Group brings a team approach to working with all its clients’ advisors, including attorneys, accountants and brokers. CKS assumes the lead role in this team to ensure that all the strategies work together for the betterment of the client. If the client does not have a team of professionals, CKS develops a team for them.  

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  Perhaps the most distinguished practice of this firm is its handling of the estate transition to the heirs upon a client’s death. Understanding that the estate can be drained if every step is not taken properly, Caicedo meets with the heirs following the death to take them through the entire transition process—at no cost. An aging America combined with the precarious state of Medicare and Social Security have created a need for comprehensive retirement management that goes beyond the ability of general financial counselors. CKS Summit Group provides a unique, and much needed service, to retirees—one that heralds a new era in which retirees can enjoy security without risk and a future without uncertainty.
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